Hello, with creative thinking at heart I love to innovate, genarate ideas and solve problems by embracing the right technology and designing beautifully crafted digital solutions.

Based in Stockholm, the heart and Silicon Valley of the Nordic region, I specialise in Search Engine Marketing and Social Media,  Web Design and Development with an very deep interest in Web Security.

Currently I am also Mastering the latest trends of Information Security at Stockholm University.

Previous Projects

Word by word … 

A CRUD example with React JS

An example of adding data with a form in React JS, with the capability of Editing or Deleting the info. This can give any one new to react a very quick start on their projects. I used sweetalert library to make the prompt messages look sweeter. 🙂 I will try posting...

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Essential Features of a Private Charter Company Website

You will definitely need a reliable website designer if you’re planning to create a portal for a private charter company. There are several modules that will become essential in your website design. Remember that customers looking for a private jet will be expecting a...

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The truth webmasters never tell you.

Over time, Technology has advanced rapidly, bringing with it a ‘worldwide change. The most unexceptional example is the use of ‘internet, where you can find millions of websites which are readily available to serve you. Behind these successful running of websites are,...

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