The truth webmasters never tell you.

Over time, Technology has advanced rapidly, bringing with it a ‘worldwide change. The most unexceptional example is the use of ‘internet, where you can find millions of websites which are readily available to serve you. Behind these successful running of websites are, experts who do maintenance tasks and other essential roles. A general term that would refer to these specialists is a ‘Webmaster’. Webmasters which are also called web architect, web developer, and site author etc has assumed a very critical importance in this High-Tech fierce world of ‘real business, since they are ensuring that the web servers, hardware and software are operating correctly.
A website is basically considered as the window to the world of internet. If you have decided to set up an online business, how would you able to promote your business in the online world through your website? And also how you can make your website best in all the aspects? How would you get listed and ranked your website well in Google? And there are millions of How’s that comes to our mind. The answer to these entire queries is really simple and that is to have a “Webmaster”. Yes!

A webmaster with some expertise has the ability to manage most or all aspects of web operations. Basically Webmasters provides any firm or business with the needed web presence and it also allows them to get in touched with millions of web-surfers all over the World including their potential customer. Having a webmaster drives the company to embrace global compatibility.

All these excellent services are performed by a webmaster from home! ( It is basically a home based service ). Hiring a webmaster could be very remunerative for instance the first foremost benefit of hiring a webmaster is that their cost is cheaper; they charge less because they do not have big overhead costs, as they work in the comforts of their home. Clients now can get their job done at a faster rate, and more importantly, the job is done correctly and precisely. Professional web-masters are well versed in web transaction software, payment processing software and the most importantly ‘WEB AND SERVER SECURITY’.
If you are the owner of your website, then I can help you maintain and market your site expertly! There are various strategies involved in drawing visitors to your site and then turning them into customers. Rather than entrusting your website to inexperienced service providers who may not have a full range of webmaster skills, it’s extremely important that you enlist the help of proficient webmaster.

Web Security is an important aspect of website maintenance that a lot of webmasters don’t give enough attention to. Even though the web hosting service provider does try to provide the best quality of security for its clients, there is a lot that you can do by choosing me as your webmaster to improve your website’s security. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and if your website’s internal security is not up to date then it won’t matter how strong your hosting service provider’s security is. I have been professional webmaster for 8 years now, which means that I have the necessary experience and a solid technical know-how to improve, secure and promote your site in the best way possible.

When you implement security after a breach it will be more costly.
When you implement security after a breach it will be more costly.

My area of expertise includes a lot of trusted methods to harden web security or WordPress security, some of them are Brute Force Protection, File Change Detection, Lock out Suspect bots looking by implementing 404 Detection, Strong Password Enforcement, Make the admin area inaccessible during specific hours, Hide WordPress Login & Admin, Email Notifications for suspect activity on site, Online File Comparisons to determine if any changes made have been by malicious parties, Google reCAPTCHA Integration, Add Anti-Malware Protection and a web based firewall that will trim and mitigate the most prevalent attacks.

I also own some enormously great and award winning Social Media Strategies with a vision to increased industry exposure, meaningful engagement with current clients and potential customers. So designate me today! And make your website reach the heights of success with my incredibly great commercial and social strategies, reinforced with an excellent security program.

Leon Kalema

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